Since 1984

Grither’s Paint and Body was founded by Chris Grither in 1984. We serve Jackson County and surrounding areas. We are a collision repair facility that deeply values our customer’s satisfaction in regard to the highest safety and quality in southern Illinois. From minor scratches to car collisions, we are here to help!

Customer service has been at the forefront of our business since we started in 1984. We strive to gain your trust by providing exceptional, honest work. We will always have our customer’s best interests in mind. We will even help with negotiating with the insurance company.

Exceptional, honest work.

At Grither Paint & Body we take pride in collision repair. We are set up and ready to handle anything! From structural repair to panel replacements, we’ve got you covered.


Our Process

The difference between us and our competitors is our attention to detail, and it starts with our repair planning and thorough estimates.

Because the design of late-model cars frequently hides unseen damage and parts, we disassemble the vehicle and inspect for more damage and assess if additional parts are required.

We then handle additional parts and repairs with your insurance providers to sleep the process running smoothly. 


Our Guarantee

At Grither Paint & Body, all of our technicians take pride in their work. We work as a unified team to produce exceptional work. That’s why we stand behind our wok and give a limited lifetime guarantee to the original customer (non-transferable). 

Important things you should know.

Frequently Asked Questions

We handle everything on the exterior of your vehicle from a minor scratch to impacting a deer to wrecking into another vehicle.

We do minor mechanical work. For example, if the wreck damages your radiator, condenser, intercooler, etc.

Typically, our wait time is around 1 month, but that can change in a week to two months. This is also dependent on the size of the job.

Buckle your seatbelt… 

The process usually goes:

1. Damage to vehicle

2. Come by for an estimate

3. File a claim with your insurance company

4. Grither paint and body forwards the estimate to your insurance

5. We negotiate the best we can with your insurance

6. We schedule you for an appointment

7. We order the parts

8. Get vehicle on our lot and 100% disassemble to finalize our repair plan

9. Inform insurance of any changes/requirements we discover and again negotiate

10. Perform repairs

11. Make sure all work on our end and if awe had to have any sublet repairs performed (sublet is stuff from the accident but we don’t do the work like recalibrations needed at the dealer, or alignment/tire/wheel replacements)

12. Contact customer so they can pick up vehicle. 

The customer can call us, but we can also provide updates.

We cannot work on Teslas (we are not certified) so Tesla will not sell us any parts.

We work with all insurance companies on behalf of our customers. We do not have to have an agreement with any insurance to work for anyone.

Its actually the CUSTOMERS CHOICE where they take their vehicle. The vehicle owner is the only one legally allowed to authorize a shop to work on their vehicle, the insurance company cannot legally give that authorization.

This is actually a pretty hot topic, a lot of insurance companies try to force you to use their shops they “approve”. The insurance company will try to make it seem like you HAVE to go where they want. Its called steering customers which is illegal but how they word it just becomes a grey area that unfortunately we don’t have enough money to combat.